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  • This is basically in response to the previous poster..... This church is following the rules. No one is allowed to do any type of community service, teaching, volunteering or spend time on the campus if there are children around who have not gone through the Veritas training. As am alumni an active member, I had to do the same at my parish due to the fact there are sick people in this world who will do anything and put on a facade to try and get into a position of authority over or near children. People complain about the problems in the Church and then complain when they work to fix the problems. You can't have it both ways!

    Added July 09, 2017 by Mary Naz
  • I have gone to this Church almost all my life. It is very nice inside and has all-wooden pews, a candle-lighting area, and a very large gathering area in the front of the Church. The Church absolutely has no shortage of Preists, as they have 3 and only have 4 Sunday masses. I go to the 7:30 Sunday Mass, and it is an extremely pleasent Mass. The masses here normally end about 10 minutes early, as I find myself normally getting out around 8:18 a.m., 12 minutes before the mass is supposed to end. The only Annoying Thing I have found about this church is that they only offer 10 Mass intentions per year, so I find myself waiting outside the Parish office door on July 1st for about an hour, when they allow you to set your mass intentions for thr next year. But, I guess it's not too annoying. They also hold several Retreats per year, which are pretty fun and an enjoying time for people. I have only gone to one, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. Also, on top of that, they offer CCD classes so your children can receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and first reconciliation, and they have a youth group for high schoolers after that, called Act1v8. Overall, this is much better than the church that I went to when I used to live in New Jersey, and It'd highly recommend it to people in the Jacksonville Beach area. I will try to go here sometime during the week and get some pictures so that way I can post them on Google Maps. I didn't want to do it during mass because that would be rude.

    Added May 23, 2017 by Matthew Urquhart
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    My wife just called to find out if they accepted any community service ordered by court and the lady who answered the phone said ''mmmm no we don't because we have children near by, but she said there is other places you can go to''. 1) I have children of my own. 2) I have a list of 30 other places I could go to by I chose the church since I am catholic I thought that it would be nice to help my church. 3) Even if you have traffic violation you can be ordered to do community service.... By the way, I called the Presbyterian church and they said yes without hesitating.

    You should put a sign in the front door saying '' if you have any criminal history including reckless driving, you are not allowed to come in''
    Very very disappointed by my Catholic church.

    Added February 16, 2017 by A Google User
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